Domain Payments Changes

Starting 8th April, 2019 we will have a different way of paying for services we offer. Going forward, you will require a "control number" which you will use as a reference for all payments you make with us.

This control number will be retrieved automatically from the portal located on our website on this link. Step by step on how to retrieve control number before you make payments, either by banks listed or mobile money services is described below:-

1. For domain renewal i.e. For domains still in TZNIC Account.

2. For registrars payments.

We will continue accepting funds using the old method for one more week i.e. until 15th April 2019 after which, it will be impossible to use the old account (300800 and the CRDB Account).


Please note, this will NOT affect domains registered by our Registrars. 


.TZ Registry