How do we Resolve Domain Disputes?

Resolution of disputes is as per tzNIC Policy and Rules
Anyone who registers a .tz domain with any accredited Registrar of his choice automatically agrees, through the registration agreement/form, with all domain registration rules and policies governing the .tz ccTLD administration and management.

The dispute resolution policy and rules form part of the governing documents and they are meant to protect against abusive registrations /cyber squatting. The policy and rules provide protection against the following registrations:

a) Identical or confusingly similar to a mark;

b) Rights or legitimate use of a mark;

c) Usage of a mark in a bad faith.

WIPO, the current tzNIC’s DRS provider, provide efficient (in terms of time and cost) dispute resolution services to .tz registrants. The governing policy and rules in handling the disputes are the tzNIC’s DRS policy & rules and the Provider’s supplemental rules.